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Individual Pet Cremation Service

Pets at Rest can help ease the pain and grief of a Pet bereavement

pet cremation service based in derbyshire

Contrary to misleading conjecture by persons unknown to us, we need to affirm that Pets at Rest are not ‘age related’. We remain the same independent small family business as we have been for the past twenty three years, and have no connection with any other cremation services in the area. Despite the restrictions and changes created by Covid, we still ensure our Clients and their Pets receive our personal bespoke service and attention throughout with the same compassion, care and dignity as always. Pat, Les and Victoria.

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Personal & Professional

We all want our treasured creatures to live long happy and healthy lives and eventually pass away peacefully. Sadly that does not always happen and with our pets who are ill and suffering, a responsible, heart searching decision sometimes has to be made to end a special life. It may be comforting to know, that Pets at Rest is there for you, when that distressing time arrives.

Pets at Rest will deal compassionately with your beloved pet in a respectful and dignified manner as well as offering you understanding support at your time of sorrow. An individual pet cremation service ensures a dignified farewell to your special creatures and offers sympathetic support at a time of great sadness.

A1 service. The love for animals is truly shown by pat and les. Nothing is to much trouble. Thank you.


We are always willing to listen and help with your requirements. If needed, confidential grief management
can be arranged.

Our personal, professional service ensures a dignified farewell. Please read the kind comments of pet owners at their time of great sadness.

Privately owned, Pets at Rest is located in a quiet secluded country retreat. Visitors are always welcome, but by appointment only.

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